Adult Acne Treatment

  • Already in your late twenties, thirty or even forty, and still suffer from pimples and acne?

  • Do you envy those around you who have smooth, pimple-free skin?

  • Have you tried and failed every medical treatment available, even those on the Internet?

  • Have you ever tried the AGNES Acne treatment before? And EVEN if you have, have you wondered why your AGNES acne treatment didn’t work for you?

Acne treatment

Dear reader,

I completely understand how you feel.  Please don’t give up hope yet!  As a doctor with a special interest in aesthetic medicine and acne and pimples, in particular, I have been treating hundreds of patients with acne, and I have encountered so many patients who have adolescent acne in their teenage years, who respond to creams and pills and then are resolved of their acne forever.  However, there is a subset of those patients, where the acne just DOES NOT GO AWAY! Not even after 10 years!  This is no longer the condition called adolescent acne, but a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PROBLEM known as ADULT ACNE or CHRONIC RELAPSING ACNE.  Read on, and I will explain it to you further, and also tell you How To Treat and Treat Adult Acne problems.  In fact, I will tell you how to not just treat them but also LIBERATE YOU from having to constantly use drying and irritating pimple creams, pills and washes.

3 Important Differences Between Adolescent Acne and Adult Acne

  1. Adolescent Acne is self-limiting and disappears after a few years, but Adult Acne stays on and persists much later into adulthood.
  2. Adolescent Acne patients have oily skin and lots of small blackheads and whiteheads, whereas Adult Acne sufferers may even have sensitive, combination or even dry skin, but yet are breaking out in huge pimples or even cysts!
  3. Adolescent Acne treatment centers around prevention for a few years, but Adult Acne sufferers need a  definitive solution to treat their acne problems, or else the problem will not go away.

 Acne Treatment Singapore

If you’re still here reading this page, then I’m sure you are one of the people who have visited the pharmacy and tried every one of the latest creams and washes, but with only a temporary result, and with only minor improvements.  Once you stop those creams, washes or whatever, the problem just comes right back.  Wouldn’t you love to wake up one day, and NOT have a tremendous zit on your nose?  Or NOT have to use a concealer to get to the office and make that important presentation?  I’ve had patients who come to me at the age of forty-five, their kid is eleven, and they both have the same number of pimples on their face.  Adult Acne is a real problem, and for years, I struggled with the solution.  Well today, I have finally found the solution to the problem.

So if you have been struggling with this problem of adult acne like so many of my other patients, call my clinic today at (65) 6532 2400, so that I can explain things to you in more detail.  

Let me explain more.

hair follicle
Normal pore with smooth flow of oil


You see, acne and pimples are very simple problems to understand.  The skin contains small pores, (the medical name is “follicles”).  Every face has several thousands of these pores, and these pores are constantly producing oil (the medical name is “sebum”), which is a natural moisturizer for the skin.  When these pores get too oily, they get blocked and infected, and a pimple forms. For an adolescent, the main problem is excess oiliness. So the treatment centers around reducing the oiliness of the skin so that the pores don’t get blocked after they pass the “oily years” of their life, they no longer need to use these pills or creams.

damaged hair follicle so pimple treatment is needed
Oil gland with damaged and obstructed oil flow

For an adult, the problem is slightly different.  There are many reasons for adult acne, but one of the latest theories about adult acne is damaged or defective pores!  These damaged or defective pores were infected during the teenage years, and as they healed, the scar tissue formed caused these pores to be kinked.  As a result, they tend to get blocked easily.  These pores are the same ones constantly getting blocked, over and over again.  This means that out of the thousands of pores on the face, there are maybe 100-200 pores that are always getting blocked repeatedly, giving rise to pimples and acne that always re-occurs on certain similar parts on the face.  In fact, if you take more notice of your skin, you may even notice that there are certain pimples that ALWAYS RE-OCCUR ON THE SAME SPOT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  This is a telltale sign that you are suffering from this problem of damaged or defective pores!

An Interesting Fact to Cheer You Up!

Did you know that people with oily face problems do not age as fast as their peers with dryer skin?  That’s because your skin is constantly producing oil, which is a natural moisturizer for the skin and prevents wrinkles!  Now back to the solution!

So What is the Solution?

You might think I am about to say creams, pills, peels or washes to treat your pimples.  Well, that is not true.  Many of my patients have undergone this acne treatment and gotten a solution to their problem, such that they DO NOT NEED ANY PILLS, CREAMS, PEELS OR WASH* (results may vary from patient to patient).  How is that possible?  Is this some kind of hoax or a joke?  The answer is NO.  This is just pure, simple science, and like everything else in life, SHEER HARD WORK (on the doctor’s part of course!).

Let’s put it simply.  On your face now, there are thousands of good, normal pores.  However, there are these maybe 100-200 diseased, damaged pores that are always getting blocked, inflamed and infected repeatedly.  So what is the solution?  The answer is that the doctor performing your treatment needs to painstakingly look at every single one of your pores under a microscope, and selectively treat the diseased, problem causing pores, one by one.  This is by no means an easy task, it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour of detailed, microscopic work, but it is effective.

To perform this treatment, I use a special device called the AGNES Acne Treatment, developed in Korea and Japan to microscopically introduce a tiny burst of electrical energy into each diseased pore, via a very fine wire that is inserted directly into each pore.  This tiny burst of energy is enough to treat that diseased pore, causing it to stop producing oil.  With no oil, there can be no more clogging and therefore no more pimples!  It’s that simple!  Because we are treating only 100-200 pores out of a total of thousands of pores on your face, you will not notice dry skin or flaking or redness problems after this treatment!

What can you expect?  If your problem is indeed due to defective pores, then you will expect to see an average of 70% improvement in your pimples* (actual results may vary from patient to patient… see Disclaimer below).  Of course, you will still temporarily have the marks from the old pimples (that’s another story, where we can help you to treat marks), but the improvement that most patients will see is that there are significantly fewer pimples popping up after the acne treatment.  Most patients will require between 1 to 3 treatments* to achieve clearance of their pimple problem, although some patients may require more.  Usually, they will not require any more creams, pills or special anti-acne washes to maintain their skin.

About me


My name is Dr Gerard Ee MBBS (London), DP Dermatology (Cardiff), MRCS (Edinburgh),  and I obtained my medical degree from St George’s University of London in the United Kingdom. I worked at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), National University Hospital (NUH), as well as Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. In 2012, I achieved the Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 2012.  Today, I work at The Clifford Clinic, and for years, I saw and treated acne, pimple and pimple scar problems every day of the week.  Being a sufferer of acne and pimples when I was younger, and into early adulthood, I completely understand the distress and embarrassment that every patient goes through when they suffer from pimples and acne.  After working for so many years in treating acne and pimple problems, I have honed and refined my technique and protocols to provide solutions to many of my patients’ conditions. * (actual results may vary from patient to patient)

So if you have been struggling with this problem of adult acne like so many of my other patients, call my clinic today at (65) 6532 2400, so that I can explain things to you in more detail.  

We have the complete solution…

At my clinic, we don’t just treat your pimples, but we also pride ourselves in being able to treat and improve your acne scars.  Once you have solved your acne problem, we can move on to solving the other problems associated with acne, such as deep acne scarring, pigmented acne scars, and purple acne scars.  Please give us a call today at  (65) 6532 2400 to find out more about our pimple related treatments.

*Disclaimer:  While we endeavor to provide the typical results that each patient may get from our treatments, because of the varied nature of human healing and disease, you may experience differing results.  We, therefore, make no guarantee as to the results that you will obtain.  However, we promise to treat your condition to the best of our abilities and to be honest and sincere in our treatments.

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143 thoughts on “Adult Acne Treatment

    1. It is slightly painful, but we use a very good numbing cream to take away most of the pain. You will feel tiny zaps like electricity, and most patients tolerate it well.

        1. Hi Vino,

          It all depends on which treatment you need and the severity of your condition. I would advice you to come down for a consult and let me evaluate your skin first.

    2. Hi I’m 16. May I know how much does this thing cost? Because i have dark spots and pimple that wont go away. So i want to try it. May I know how much does thing cost??

      1. The cost is $1500 per treatment that includes the initial drainage, AGNES treatment and the compulsory second day post treatment drainage.

          1. For a teenager, I would first prescribe creams and oral antibiotics. Only if the acne is recurrent despite being on the creams then we can consider the AGNES treatment.

  1. I’ve had many years of acne problems…. nothing seems to work. Usually the pimples are at the chin area, and near my ear around the jaw. I get pretty big ones. Will this work on the big pimples?

  2. i never had any of these kind of pimples before, but now that i am on my late 30’s it has acne breakouts on my face since November 2014, and it’s very itchy. i wonder why it just happened now that i am already on my adulthood?

    1. It’s common for acne to itch, and is a phenomenon seen more commonly in Asians. When you have adult onset acne like yours, it’s possible that there are other mimicking conditions, like rosacea. IT’s better to have a proper consultation by a doctor who can advise you on how to diagnose correctly and then treat it. Please see me or a dermatologist for a diagnosis, before commencing treatment.

  3. Hi. I have been having problems with acne since my teenage years. I have been on oral pills previously. It helped for a while but now I am 27 and my acne has recurred. I have been to many dermatologist and they all prescribe me the same creams. Is this a permanent cure?

    1. Your history is typical of many patients that we’ve seen. Many people have been on oral pills and it’s a wonderful drug for acne, but it has a lot of side effects, like dryness & cracking, liver and blood problems, depression, fatal allergies, affecting the fetus etc etc. If I could, I would avoid it, but some patients really benefit from this medicine. I’m positive that you will see benefits with oral pills again, but how long are you going to continue taking it? You can consider trying this treatment, there’s a high chance that you will benefit from it, and that it can give you a lasting cure from your acne.

    1. Hi Lilia, the treatment cost varies, depending on the severity of the acne. It ranges from $800 (partial section of the face) to $1500 (full face). Hope this helps!

      1. hi. james here, 22
        i have been going for face peeling treatment but acne still pop out. is normally below my lips and nose area
        i just wondering what treat i have to do and how many times do i have to go per mth and how much it cost for that.

        1. Hi James,

          Face peeling or chemical peel treatments are often not an effective way to prevent acne outbreak. I would advice you to stop going for chemical peels and try using prescription creams instead.

  4. What’s the downtime for the procedure, assuming treatment is performed on selected areas of the face, e.g. Hairline, forehead? Thanks.

    1. Most people have redness for a few days, kind of like after a facial treatment. It’s prudent to budget at least 3 days for this treatment. Have it on Friday, and come back for drainage on Saturday, then rest on Sunday and by Monday most people are ready to get back to work with some make-up or concealer.

    1. Hi Tanya,

      There are no permanent risk for the treatment. The initial redness just looks like after an extraction done if had gone for a facial. This subsides within 1-2 days although some people may have varying results depending on how sensitive their skin is.

  5. Hi Doctor Gerard, my problem is blackheads on my nose. It is a vicious cycle. I extract them and they come back, over and over again. I am a 47 y.o. female and have very dilated pores on my nose that cannot be covered up with foundation because they actually seem bigger.
    Your cure for the pores one by one resonates with me.
    Since I wouldn’t say I have pimples but damaged pores, do you think your treatment will heal them so they won’t get clogged EVER again?

    1. Hi Lucci,

      Pores on the nose are remarkably difficult to treat. I have tried using the AGNES to treat these pores on the nose before but what I find helps with these pores is rather a fractional radiofrequency and fractional co2 combination. That seems to give the most satisfactory results.

    1. Yes it does work for back acne. The cost depends on the amount of time required and the severity of the acne. I would recommend trying oral treatment first, as the back is a huge area and takes a long time to cover completely.

  6. Hi doctor I am 34,yrs. Suddenly I hv big pimples on my jaw line and neck.. Can you give how can I cure it and how many days need to cure. Also the amount of treatment.? .. Yet I didnt take any medicine…. Thankd

    1. You need to use the AGNES treatment and it can be treated after about 1-2 weeks, but the marks will take longer to disappear. Most patients will require 2-3 sessions of the treatment for best results from the acne treatment.

    1. Hi Shahrul, I normally only perform this procedure for adult acne. For teenagers, I usually prescribe a course of specially formulated creams and antibiotics which are often more than sufficient to cure your acne.

    1. Hi Teddy, the acne scars you are referring to. Are these the pigmented ones or the pitted ones? Pigmented acne usually requires about 5 to 10 sessions of a Q-switch laser. Pitted acne scars would often require about 5 to 10 sessions of a fractional CO2 laser or 1 to 4 sessions of a fractional radiofrequency treatment.

        1. Hi Teddy,
          Treatment for pitted acne scars can be treated with fractional CO2 or Infini. The prices of fractional co2 range from $350 per session package price and Infini cost about $2500.

          1. How to get rid of red acne marks and dark scars?I’m going to the movies with a boy i might be irttneseed in and my skin is not looking its best. I have a lot of red blotches from old acne and also some dark marks and acne scars. I really don’t want to cover it up with makeup so what are some natural things I could use or a cheap product I could buy that will hopefully work or at least improve my un even toned skin in 2 weeks or less !

  7. I have been fighting with acne my entire life. Just did the AGNES procedure one month ago with Dr Ee and I am surprised by the results. I definitely see less outbreaks and the existing active ones seem to have subside. Looking forward for my next visit!

  8. Hi doc, can i undergo AGNES treatment while on low dosage accutane (2pills per wk)?
    on my last box…intend to stop after finishing this box.

    1. Hi rt, we can still do AGNES while you are on Accutane. Is your acne controlled while on Accutane? If it is we may be able to avoid performing the AGNES procedure. It is better to monitor the situation and see how your skin reacts after stopping the Accutane. If it relapses, then I may need to perform the AGNES.

    2. Hi Dr,

      I am turning 25 this year.. having problem clog pore all over my face and small acne? Will your treatment will be cure this? And how much?

      1. Hi Shabz,

        It would be best for me to take a look at your face to see what you mean by clog pore. If you are mentioning about comedones yes the agnes does cure it. Charges are $1500 for a full face and less if it is partial.

  9. Hi, I would like to know how much do u charge for pigmented acne scar that has been around for almost 15 years? How many visit wilL it usually takes?

    1. Hi JT.

      Pigmented scars are treated with the Q-switch laser. It cost around $200 per session and 5-10 visits are usually sufficient.

  10. I am currently on oral anti acne treatment, the acne is clearing up but I developed red ace marks. May I know whether am I eligible for q switch laser? how many sessions are there in a package

    1. Hi Lim SH
      The red acne marks is very common. We normally use the Q-switch laser to get rid of these marks. You can either get 5 or 10 sessions depending on severity.

  11. Hi Dr
    Do you have packages to cater to back acne that causes scarring on the back? The weather in SG is humid & especially unfriendly to my back ! Am desperate for a solution ie treatment package to reduce back acne & lighten existing scars please Aporeciate a rough quote for such a package. I am not for oral anti acne treatment as I have heard it has negative side effects affecting some psychologically. Would not want that given am a Mother to two lovely daughters. Hear from you. Cheers!

    1. Hi LHM,
      Back scarring is generally more difficult to treat as compared to the face. Very often we do Q-switch on the back and the cost depends on the severity of the mark on the back and the duration we expect it would take before we can clear the marks. It would be best if you could come by and let me take a look at these marks and I can give you a more accurate quote then.

  12. Dear Dr,

    I am 21 years old this year, male. I have had acne since I was 13/14. I suffer from large cystic acne on my forehead,chin and jawline. I have large pores,especially around the T-zone area and my skin is also quite oily. May I know if there are any procedures that can be done to solve my problem? May I also know the cost of the treatment? Stopping those big cystic acne from popping up is my primary goal, Thanks!

    1. Hi Tee KM
      AGNES will work for the recurrence of the large cystic acne. The cost of AGNES is about $1500 or less. With regards to the large pores and oily skin, it would be best for me to take a look. Usually prescription creams with a combination of lasers and AGNES can reduce the oily skin.

  13. Dear Dr
    My daughter age 36 has developed big pimples on face 2 – 3 months ago. She is on anti-biotics with private clinical treatment since one month ago. Not much improvement though. How much will the total treatment cost be if you may treat her? She has stopped working since this pimple problem. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Hi Alan,

      To treat acne with antibiotics alone is insufficient. Depending on the number of comedones and acne outbreaks, the charges usually range from $800 to $1500 per treatment of AGNES.

  14. Hi Dr Ee, I have a very bad oiliness problem which has been bugging me for years. May I just check if one session would be sufficient to solve the oiliness problem? And whether this treatment will cause dryness when I age? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jane,
      The AGNES treatment is not meant to treat oily skin. The skin in fact will not be dry after this treatment. This is because I am only treating selective oil glands that are acne prone. It is not possible to treat all the oil glands on the face that can actually result in the face being less oily.

  15. Could I check if this treatment is suitable for people with eczema? Are there any side effect to this treatment?

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      This treatment is suitable for people with eczema. In fact, we have had experience with quite a number of patients with both eczema and acne it is a difficult balance to prescribe creams to dry up acne and yet not exacerbate the eczema.
      The only side effects from the treatment is the initial mild swelling and redness just after the procedure.

  16. Hi im 21 currently serving ns
    i have acne sonce young n im on creams now
    Hav a lot of white heads arnd my jawline n big pimple on my cheek
    wonder if this is reccomeded
    n hw much would it cost for a consultation?
    n hw many days of mc can i get?

  17. Hi Dr Ee, I suffer from recurring comedonal acne, but not much of cystic acne. Is AGNES the solution for comedonal acne, or is the Q-Switch laser treatment better? Thanks!

  18. Hi doctor may I know if I suffer from oily and dehydrated skin, and skin always infected by close andopen comedoes, will I benefit from this treatment?
    May I know how is the price range for this treatment and how many sessions is needed?
    If I receive treatment in your clinic, how much is the consultantation fees? Thank you.

    1. Hi Ash,

      Yes AGNES helps patients who have multiple comedones. The price varies between $800 to $1500. Usually patients do not require no more than 3 treatments although 1-2 sessions are usually sufficient. We are currently waiving off consultation charges for now.

  19. hi dr,

    may i know is agnes treatment’s result permanent or it last for like some period only? (i read an article that it last ard 2 yrs) like the pimple will NEVER occur again? my face is more or less cleared but every now and then they will have 1-2 pimples popping out and it is frustrating due to the scars it leave behind.

    1. Hi Nardia,

      The AGNES treatment is for a long lasting cure of the pimples. The oil glands once destroyed will usually not grow back. It is likely that the results will last longer than 2 years.

      A lot of the studies released on the effectiveness of this treatment do not report follow-up results of longer than 2 years, but logically speaking once an oil gland is destroyed it is likely to regain back it’s previous function anymore.

  20. Hello Dr.

    I am 24 and I have been suffering from acne for 10 years. I’ve always had oily skin and it started as a few small pimples on the forehead but with the years it now covers the full face. It’s not as bad as most people who suffer from acne, but it’s annoying and it hurts especially when the pimple is young.
    3 years ago I tried some medical treatment for 8 months, I used some Gell and cream along with an antibiotic (I’m sorry I forgot the names) , and during the past year I tried Proactiv. At the beginning of each new product I feel it’s getting better but then after a few weeks it doesn’t work anymore. I am wondering if the treatment suits my skin, and since I’m not Singaporean will it cost me the same?

    1. Hi Bayan,

      The cost of the AGNES treatment is the same regardless of your nationality. The cost is dependent on the severity of your acne and the estimated number of shots I would need to treat your entire face.
      Since you are 24 now, you are likely to be suffering from adult acne and especially since over the counter products are not helping, the AGNES procedure will be sure to benefit you.

  21. Suffering from slight acne, have blemishes that i wish to remove, what treatment do u recommend and how much will it cost? Is consultation fees chargeable as well? Any student rates? Is it possible i can send a photo of my current face and u just advise me from there? thanks

    1. Slight acne responds well to topical treatment. We don’t charge consultation fees right now. We do not do consultations over email, and really prefer to have you come by.

    1. The AGNES treatment is good for recurring blackheads, but on the nose, we need to be very careful because it can cause it to be worsened. We need to really review it to decide whether it is worth the risk of doing on your nose. For the forehead, it is no problem, and can be done.

  22. From your last comment u mentioned consultation fees are waived? what are the catch to that? i can just come and see you to check on my skin?

    1. Consultation charges are waived till the end of the year. It is what my clinic is doing just to provide information and knowledge to our patients so that patients are more well informed regarding their skin condition.

  23. Hi! For recurrent adult acne, how many treatment it requires? Forehead and chin area. For first consultation, how much you chrge? If the patient not yet ready for the treatment? Thank you

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Patients usually require no more than 3 treatments. I am currently not charging consultation for now till further notice.

  24. Hi doctor, could you help with the type of acne that appears on the shoulders and arms as a keloid with no pus? Could you treat a keloid that was surgically removed and yet came back and had grown rather huge?

    1. Hi SH,

      Yes I can treat acne on the arms and shoulders. I can also treat kleoids that were previous excised and have now recurred.

  25. Hi I’m currently on Roaccutane pills, is it safe to take up this treatment? My area of problem is mainly chin and I’m in my late 30s.

    1. Our clinic is currently not charging any consultation fees as we want to educate the public on acne problems and acne treatments. Feel free to come by and I can evaluate your skin and suggest some treatments options for you.

  26. Hi I would like to enquire if intracel has the same effect as AGNES. I have tried intracel once but am still experiencing outbreaks. I have read and know that intracel does cure acne on top of the rejuvenation effect on the skin. I still have 3 more times of intracel to do for my package and am planning to do AGNES if intracel doesn’t work.

    Is it ok to do AGNES after I’ve finished 4 times of intracel or would it be too harsh on my skin since both are using needles to transmit heat.

    1. Dear Jen,

      We evaluated the intracel machine against the Infini device for acne scar treatment, and the Infini came up tops, while there were minimal results from the INtracel. My assessment is that the Intracel machine is not able to go as deep as the Infini device, hence the results are not ideal. I do feel that Intracel is not the correct treatment to be prescribing for active acne. It’s just a waste of pain and money. We never prescribe microneedle RF for active acne, because it may even make it worse and trigger a flare. AGNES on the other hand is a focused treatment that is used for individually targeting the damaged follicles. This is the main difference between AGNES and Intracel. The energy of the Intracel cannot be as strong as AGNES because it is a whole face treatment and if you treat the whole face with such high energy, you end up destroying all the sebaceous glands on the face. That’s why you need a very focused and targeted approach so that only the diseased follicles are treated. My suggestion for you is to delay your intracel treatments and come for AGNES first, then use your intracel treatments after your acne is cured to heal the acne scars.

  27. Hi, I am currently 20 and suffering from recurring pimples together with large painful cystic pimples with reddish scars under my skin even when they heal. I have been on different cream and oral medication but they seem to only work for a week before recurring worse than before.. Together with my interest in getting them permanently healed, can i know the price for the full treatment to get it healed?

    PS: Still a student, worried about price ._.

    1. Hi Michael,

      The cost of AGNES is dependent on the severity of your condition. This would range from $800 for a small localised area to $1500 for the entire face.

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      Yes I do treat body acne. Treatment protocols are somewhat similar to the face, with some modifications to the creams you would need to apply on.

    1. Hi Lucy,

      It all depends on how many creams you need and how long the duration of antibiotics you are on for. The creams usually cost about $50-60 a bottle and you may need 2-3 of them.

  28. My only problem is hormonal acne on Chin area, typically how many sessions are required ? $800-1500 includes the post drainage treatment mentioned?

    1. Hi Von,

      If only the chin area, that usually cost about $800-1000. 2-3 sessions Give the best result. Yes the price includes the Step 2 procedure of the AGNES

  29. Hi, I’m a 27 years old male, pitted acne scars.

    Are your treatment limited to females or are males included?; Plus, are the results temporary or does it atleast stay for a couple of years? Anticipating for your favourable reply. Thank you.

    1. Hi N,

      Treatment is for both male and females. The improvement in depressed acne scars are permanent. Once the elevation has been achieved, they stay elevated forever.

  30. Hi Dr Ee, I am 29 yrs old with fairly good skin (i think!) but I have 1 under-the-skin pimple/sebaceous cyst? that would not go away for the past 3 months. Can I find out roughly how much it would cost to remove this? I look forward to your reply, and thank you so much in advance.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      This would cost $150 to remove. It is likely you have a milia seed, that would require a CO2 laser to allow the clog sebum and dead skin cells to be removed.

  31. Hi, i only have acne scars so does the treatment cure it permanently or only lighten it to less visible? Does laser mean that a layer of face skin will be removed permanently? Hear this from my friend.

    1. Hi Q,

      I do not use lasers to remove layers of skin to improve scars. In fact, fractional CO2 lasers and the Infini lasers all build up skin to make them thicker. The scar improvement is final. It can elevate some and even close up certain types of scars.

  32. Hi i would like to ask how much will the treatment be for moderate back acne that has been persisting for years? I would like to know the rough estimate of the cost and what kind of treatment will you guys be doing?

    1. Hi Janice,

      I would consider performing the AGNES treatment. That would cost between $1500-$2000. After that I will perform the Q-switch laser together with some prescription cream over your back. The laser should cost about $500-600 depending on the extent of the acne

  33. Hi , how much does it cost to treat moderate/mild acne/red spots for teenagers? Are there any consultation fees?

  34. I am suffering from bad acne outbreak on my facial T-zone area at age 57. Hormonal?

    What’s the cost of the treatment and special rate for SC above 55? Thank you.

    1. Hi Coco,
      It is likely to have a mix hormonal component. You could do with some products and Q-switch lasers. You will need a proper consultation before the estimated cost can be given.

  35. Hi !

    I have pimples on my face on cheeks and there are about 8 to 10 scars and every now and then few pimples. Can you suggest what is the best way to treat this? Will I need to go through AGNES treatment or are there alternatives

    1. Hi Aks,
      Yes the AGNES treatment would be beneficial for you. You do seem to have quite a large number of pimples over your cheeks and should get medical treatment soon to avoid the formation of depressed scars.

  36. Dear Doctor Ee, I am 39 yrs old. I have always have clear skin with some blackheads on my nose and chin and at most one pimple before my menses. Lately I encountered a sudden onset of acne breakout. I examined my lifestyle, the only change is due to coming off from Yasmin. I was on Yasmin for around 4 years and this is my 4th month off from it. My breakout started with a few bumps on my left lower cheek; jawline area. I consulted a dermatologist and was prescribed with exfoderm, skinoren and clindoxyl. After applying, more zits surfaced. I even felt slight itch and stinging after use. Am seeing no improvement and is already on my 4th day of application. Would like to hear your advise, thanks! I read that it will take a month or two to see improvement.

    1. Hi Mich,
      I would advise a change of some of the products you are using. The products you are on effective but is often not the first line for acne treatment. The itch and stinging is common. That said you are only on the 4th day, so it will need more time. You could consider starting on some laser treatment to hasten the process if you are looking for a quick result.

  37. Hi, I am 19 and I’m suffering from recurring cyst on one side of my cheek. (4-5 in one area). I normally get a cortisone shot to flatten it however it still recur every now and then which can be quite costly for me.
    The other cheek is generally clear from cyst except for red marks and I occasionally have cysts on my forehead. Is this treatment suitable for me? I would also like to ask, is this a permanent solution? I read from that it is sufficient to maintain the effect for two years and another treatment can be done when the acne recur. Does that mean there is still a possibility for it to recur? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Alice,
      The cure rate after AGNES is high and medical studies often do not follow up the same patient for an extended period of time. Hence, a lot of the reports do quote a 2 year cure rate however personal feedback from the Professors in Korea do say that they know that the cure rate is longer than that. The possibility of the acne recurring at the same spot once treated I would say is very low.

  38. Hi, i am in my mid 20s. My acne ranges from a few big red lumps to small bumps around. It is not very serious but they are extremely stubborn. Can I do Q switch laser (without Agnes) to control it?

    1. Hi Michelle, the Q-switch laser is a great laser in removing pigmentation. However the Q-switch laser alone is unable to control acne. Do not however that many people think all Q-switch lasers are alike. This is however a common misconception. A Q-switch laser is like saying you drive a car. No one knows what type of car do you drive. Also the Q-switch laser is very operator dependent and I have seen so many patients after doing a Q-switch laser that do not see results, likely because a lot of the parameters are not suited towards the acne skin.

      If you have a few stubborn bumps, I would recommend the AGNES treatment over those bumps that keep on recurring.

  39. Do you recommend Agnes treatment for teenagers? My 16-year old daughter has fairly stubborn acne around her nose for the last 2.5 years. They are uneven bumps that flares up frequently causing unsightly inflamed acne. She’s currently on doxycap and once-a-month chemical peeling but no improvement so far. What treatment would you advise? Thanks!

    1. I do not recommend chemical peels for the acne as although they do remove the first layer of the skin it causes a lot of inflammation and irritation to the skin and doesn’t result in improvement in the acne.
      The AGNES treatment can be done for a 16 year old with stubborn acne on the nose. I would recommend the agnes with the Q-switch laser and Blue light treatment.

  40. I have pimples only on the left cheek with some tiny bumps. My skin is very sensitive too. My skin start breaking out in April this year. Prior to that I only have a few pimples popping out here and then. My usual pimple cream take longer than usual to work. I had tried TCM, but it only provide temporary relief.
    I am 27 this year. Wondering if there is anything that can treat this? Thanks so much!

  41. Hi Doctor,

    I am in my 30s and am currently on oratane as I’ve got stubborn acne on my left and right cheeks that weren’t subsiding for a while and have very sensitive skin. I am wondering if I can still do the agnes treatment whilst on oratane? Also, I note that my skin is dry on the surface but it’s probably oily under. I also have old acne scars that are pitted on my cheeks that I would like to have treated, I’ve tried the fractional Co2 treatment a couple of years back but it doesn’t seem effective. What are the treatment types available, cost and down time? Can the acne and scarring treatment be all performed at the same time? thanks.

    1. Hi Roxy,
      Sorry for the late reply. Yes AGNES can be performed while you are on oral medication. Pitted scars can also be treated while currently on acne treatment but not simultaneously. I normally do stagger the treatments about 2 months after first starting acne treatments. You may consider Infini Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency. 3 days of down time at a cost of $2550 per treatment.

  42. i’ve had acne since i was 13 years old and im 18 now ,mostly cystic acne and lots of whitehead . May i know is my condition considered as adolescent acne ? or adult?

    1. Hi Nick,
      Yours is still considered as adolescent acne. However you would still need early treatment to prevent further scaring.

  43. Hi

    I’m a female currently in my mid 20s. I have combination skin (oily T-zone and dry) as well as sensitive skin. i get outbreaks during that period of the months which results in scars, clogged and enlarged pores.

    I have been wanting to reduce the sizes of my pores, lightens my pimples scar, removing clogged pores in order to achieve a smoother skin. Will fractional co2 laser be suitable or is there any other recommended treatments?

    How many sessions are required depending on the severity and what are the rates?

    1. Hi Jw,
      To shrink down the size of the pores, lighten scars and get smoother skin, Edge Fractional CO2 laser is perfect for your needs. You can start off with 5 treatments and we can re-evaluate the condition after this. 5 sessions cost about $380 per session.

  44. hi! im 17 year old teenager having acne and some acne scars since 15 year old. is agnes treatment suitable for acne scar? will it be effective if i just do normal laser treatment suggested by dermatologist? is there any “no acne” packages? i have tried antibotics, creams such as salicylic acid and benzyol peroxide for few months and it seems like it doesnt work. is it advisable to be exposed in direct sunlight after the agnes treatment and q switch laser? im a dragonboater and it requires to be exposed to sunlight frequently. i would like to know how much do i have to spend in total to treat my face?

    1. Hi Robert,
      It is difficult to give an accurate quotation as everyone’s skin is different and everyone would require a treatment that is specifically tailored to their condition. It is unlikely that you will need the AGNES treatment although I have done this on teenagers as well before with good results.
      I would suggest you come down with your parents for a proper consultation and evaluation.

  45. Hi. I am a 24-year-old female, suffering from acne since 14. I have seen dermatologist and has been prescribed oratane and creams. I stopped taking the pills after my skin cleared. It relapsed after a few years and recently I have quite serious acne outbreak on the chin and cheeks with deep red acne marks too. This is very depressing, and I do not wish to take oral medication again. Can this Agnes treatment helps to cure? How much do you currently charge for consultation? Need prior appointment or do you accept walk-in?

    1. Hi Shan,
      Yes AGNES seems like the treatment you need. It is especially good for those who have been through oratane before and no longer wants to resume or restart this drug.
      I charge $70 for a consult. Yes please ring up my clinic at 6532 2400 to schedule an appointment.

  46. Hi doc, I am looking into Agnes and infini to treat my acne and ice pick scars but both treatments are quite costly for me. Can I know do u offer any in house installment plan? Because I don’t have any credit card. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      You can discuss this with our front desk and see what the front desk staff can do for you. They can work something out for you if possible.

  47. Hi Dr Ee, I have came across Ms Elaine Heng’s social media talking about her experience in your clinic. I have been suffering from acne for years and nothing seems to work on my face. I have a lot of brown scars and pimples just keep breaking out. Now, i am 26 and really want to have cleared skin. What kind of treatment do you think i should go for?

    1. Hi MayLing,
      A prescription set of creams, the AGNES treatment and also the Q-switch laser would be the best option for your skin.

  48. Hi, how long will the redness and facial swell post AGNES session remain? and will one experience more flare ups after the 1st session? based on your customers’ experience. and whether sunblock can be applied on the next day after the 1st session.

    1. Hi Jacelyn,
      About 2-3 days of some swelling. Flareups are not commonly seen, although you do get some raised papules and some small pustules that will go away in a few days time.
      You do not need to put sunblock the following day

  49. Hi there Dr Ee, I’m an 18 yo girl who has been suffering from acne since i was around 16. I tend to get more of it when it’s around that time of the month. Other times, the acne would just be surviving on my skin along with other red pigmentation which i have been trying to remove. I use products like tea tree oil and snail cream. I believe it is recurring as the acne has never really went away for these few years… the angry red bumps make makeup application so hard & i am so frustrated by it! I’m hoping that some form for professional help can make it go away, for good, as I have low self esteem..
    May I know the consultation fees & also how much each procedure would roughly cost? Is there a package or something like that? As well as the rough estimate of the number of sessions I would need….
    Thank you so much in advance…!

    1. oh & i forgot to mention, the acne usually only appear on my cheeks…. sometimes on my chin/forehead, but the concentration is highest on my cheeks..

  50. Hi. I just would like to ask if it’s normal to have pimples coming out days after treatment? Also the face is like swollen (like of after facial). When will the redness go away? When will you see result after first session? Thanks

    1. Yes. Some pimples immediately after the treatment is normal. Redness will fade away within a week. Results will be seen about 12 days after the 1st session


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